International activities are diverse and varied and to that extent, there are diverse grants and funding sources at  Georgia State can be funded through various funders.  International grant opportunities can be directly or indirectly aligned to funders priorities and as such may be easy or challenging to find.

Georgia State University recognizes the importance of funding for achieving its Goal 5 of its strategic goals and has set aside seed funds to facilitate faculty and staff’s efforts to leverage external funding for research, technical assistance and  projects, activities that foster academic, policy and civic engagements that contribute to its student learning and success.

Following are funding sources for leveraging external funding.

International Funding Request Form


The Office of International Initiatives is dedicated to supporting Georgia State faculty and staff by providing funding for activities that foster international relationships with the five task force countries and beyond. This form allows faculty and staff to submit funding requests.

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International Grant Opportunities


To support the university’s initiative to promote externally funded research, faculty and staff are able to find, track and share international funding opportunities by using the International Grant database which pulls data from the funding database, COS Pivot.

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Faculty International Partnership Engagement

Dave Bruce

Georgia State is committed to engaging institutional partners both in the five task force countries and beyond. Through FIPE, OII, with funding from the Provost’s Office, provides seed funding every fiscal year to support two major strategic objectives. For more information, please click here.

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