PantherGLOBAL (old)

Georgia State University’s International Engagement Tool


PantherGLOBAL is an online, paperless platform that allows Georgia State University faculty members to access and input information for study abroad programs and relations with international institutions.

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PantherGLOBAL Publisher

The PantherGLOBAL Publisher allows users to access information about Georgia State University’s relations with international institutions using a variety of tools and search options such as an interactive map. Detailed information about each relation can be accessed using the PantherGLOBAL Publisher.



PantherGLOBAL Forms assist in collecting information about international mobility to and from Georgia State within PantherGLOBAL. PantherGLOBAL is set up to collect and consolidate diverse faculty and staff-led international activities for establishing knowledge, collaboration and contributions towards the University’s internationalization goals. This tool will also increase accessibility and reporting on the university’s international engagement by allowing faculty members to input information for international relations and study abroad programs. The Forms available are the Visits and Stay Opportunity Form, International Mobility Form, International Activity Form, and the International Partnership Form.

The PantherGLOBAL Portal is a gateway to accessing new, saved, and submitted PantherGLOBAL Forms. From this page users, can view previously submitted Forms or submit a new Form.

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For any questions or concerns about PantherGLOBAL, contact Danielle Borrero at (404) 413-2539 or dborrero[at]