Request for Proposal:

Faculty International Partnership Engagement (FIPE) Grants

Office of International Initiatives (OII)

To facilitate its international outcomes and contribute to other goals of the university’s strategic plan, Georgia State has identified and is engaging institutional partners in 5 task force countries.  Through the involvement of its faculty task forces and coordinated university-level outreach in Brazil, China, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey, Georgia State has identified priority to foster in-depth engagement and to contribute to the goal of the University Strategic Plan of achieving distinction in globalizing the campus.

OII is providing a total of $50,000 in seed funds to support these targeted program areas. Through its new FIPE grant, faculty who have established relationships (i.e., active professional relationships/communications lasting at least a year) with any of the listed Strategic Partners may apply for funds to create or expand programs in one of the following areas:

  • Student Mobility (study abroad programs, student exchange programs, transfer articulation programs, and student recruitment-type programs such as the GSU Summer Institute and 3+1+1 programs) ;
  • Faculty Exchange;
  • Collaborative Research Proposals or Projects; and
  • Other unique activity/ies where initial or final outcomes are realizable within a year.

(Click here to view the list of Strategic Partners) (Use other browsers if this link will not open in I.E.).



  1. This grant is open to full-time (tenured or not tenured) Georgia State faculty only.
  2. Recipients of the DEEP grant are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  3. P.I’s who have outstanding ISI reports will need to submit those reports before the March 7th deadline to be eligible for this grant
  4. This is not a travel grant. Successful applicants may use the funds for travel, however, the outcome must tie to the four programmatic areas listed above.

Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis for individual awards of up to $5,000.  Successful proposals will meet the following submission guidelines and review/selection criteria:


To be considered for funding, faculty must submit a proposal that includes:

  1. A specific program title
  2. A description of the proposed program
  3. A description of the existing relationship with the identified Strategic Partner and associated consortium. This should include:
    1.  information on the background, length and level of engagement and
    2. information on how the relationship(s) at the partner institution is/are expected to contribute to sustaining the program.
  4. A clear plan for establishing the proposed program.  Preference will be given to proposals that clearly describe programs that can be implemented within a year.
  5. Expected program outcomes and their impact on Georgia State’s International and other strategic goals.
  6. A list of Strategic Partner faculty and their role(s) in the development of the proposed program
  7. An attached budget page that shows amount requested and financial contributions/commitments toward the program.  A brief narrative on how the budget will sustain the initiative should be included in the 2-page proposal.  (Click here to access budget template)
  8.  Evidence of college support. (Click Here for the Dean’s Endorsement Template)
  9. An attached letter of support from the dean or other senior official at the partner institution
  10. Attached short CV summaries (250 words or less) for listed/participating GSU and partner participants. This should include information on international experience and service.

Special Note:

Proposals must be submitted online  and adhere to page requirements of 2 pages or less; 12 font size; and 1” margins on all sides.  Individual pages must be numbered and labeled with the P.I.’s name and proposal title in the footnote. (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ONLINE FIPE GRANT PROPOSAL SUBMISSION FORM .) Individual FIPE reference numbers will be issued upon registration/submission.

Please consider gathering all your information/documents and submitting once to avoid data and document loss.

Only one proposal per P.I. or team may be submitted.



Successful proposals will:

  1. Adhere to the proposal and submission guidelines
  2. Establish the feasibility of implementing the program
  3. Demonstrate history and experience with Strategic Partner/collaborator
  4. Articulate how stated proposed program outcomes may be achieved in a year
  5. Articulate how outcomes will impact goal 5 and where relevant, other strategic goals


To establish progress and outcomes, P.I.’s will be expected to submit Progress and Final reports. Links to the online reporting tool will be sent out with reminders in July 2014.  Progress Reports must provide status of activities, including current and expected program implementation, opportunities, and challenges. They may also include, where relevant, copies of executed partnership agreements that capture details of planned activities.  Final Reports will confirm program deliverables and outcomes.


FIPE Proposal Submission Deadline: 5 p.m., March 7, 2014
Funding Notification: April 4, 2014
Progress Report: 5:00 p.m., October 20, 2014 (Adjusted)
Awarded funds must be expended by December 31, 2014
Final Report: June 1, 2015 (Adjusted)

Frequently Asked Questions


Inquiries about this RFP may be directed to either: Ms. Kike Ehigiator at or at ext.  3-2532


Ms. Chelsea Van Bergen at or at ext. 3-2525