Renewing Agreements


Agreement renewals should be initiated at least six (6) months prior to expiration of a current agreement. This will allow sufficient time for both institutions to negotiate and complete the renewal process.

When considering renewal of an agreement, parties should assess effectiveness and progress toward achieving the objectives of the original agreement. Only up-to-date agreements which (a) accurately reflect the details of the program and (b) clearly state concrete plans for future collaboration, should be continued.

All agreements due for renewal will be reviewed to ensure that the agreement addresses and adheres to current GSU policies and procedures as well as to state, federal, and other relevant laws and regulations. Contacting OII at least six months in advance of the expiration date will allow OII and the relevant GSU units to discuss and finalize the appropriate renewal mechanism and process the relevant renewal letter, renewal letter with amendment or new agreement, as the case may be.

A Letter of Renewal may be used where there is little substantive change in the focus of the program. A Letter of Renewal with Amendment may be used for agreements that require updates/amendments to GSU interests and priorities and/or that of partner institutions.

In those cases where major changes in the focus and scope of the existing program are proposed or where the agreement is older and/or where there are multiple amendments with substantive changes, a new (updated) agreement is likely to be recommended. The decision whether to use a renewal letter, renewal letter with amendment or new agreement will be made by OII and the relevant GSU units.