Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, so here are some answers to common questions we receive about Georgia State’s Summer Institute.

Application Instructions

Email your Georgia State applicationIntent to Register form, and Registration Agreement to the Office of International Initiatives at Submit your immigration documents to the International Student & Scholar Services office.

While we don't guarantee acceptance to the Summer Institute, if you meet the English proficiency requirement and all of your documents are processed and accepted by Georgia State University, then we would be happy to welcome you to the Summer Institute.

After you are accepted to Georgia State and you have received your student identification number, you should pay your non-refundable $450 deposit online at This page has instructions for how to pay, but if you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the Office of International Initiatives at  

Here is our refund schedule:

  • Before May 1: Full refund of any money you have paid (including the $450 deposit).
  • May 2 - June 9: Full refund of any money you have paid MINUS the $450 deposit.
  • June 10 - June 29: Full refund of any money you have paid MINUS $1,300.
  • No refunds from June 30.

Please contact the Office of International Initiatives at if you have any questions.  

Summer Institute Information

Yes, absolutely! The Summer Institute is designed for international students to experience life at an American campus. Not only will you earn six credits of academic credit, but you will live on-campus and participate in fun and interesting excursions to explore our beautiful city and the surrounding areas. You will find that, compared to other summer programs, Georgia State offers unsurpassed quality and personalized attention at an affordable program fee.

Of course! We know that your visit to Atlanta is a special time for you to experience U.S. culture, and we encourage you to explore. While we will arrange for group outings to points of interest in and around Atlanta, including trips to our large outlet shopping malls and an Atlanta Braves baseball game, you will have most evenings and some weekends free to shop, visit tourist attractions, or participate in other activities, such as the Touch the Earth program through the Student Recreation Center. There are numerous malls in and around Atlanta, so you will have plenty of places to shop on your own, too!

Before or after the program dates (June 30 - August 1), you are welcome to travel on your own. Atlanta's airport is a Delta hub, with flights to major cities like Miami, New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles. Please know that if you choose to stay in Atlanta after the program ends, you will have to find your own accommodation, as on-campus housing will not be available after August 1. Should you need assistance with booking airline or bus tickets to other cities, or help with purchasing tickets to other attractions, please let us know. We're happy to help you!

Sure!  Please contact the Office of International Initiatives at to inquire about contacting previous students.  

Academic Information

A lot of our previous students have the same concern as you. Our experienced professors are conscious of the language levels in their classrooms and they are happy to adjust the class pace to help you maximize your learning. We assess our students' language proficiency levels and help them register for the courses that are appropriate for their language level.

The Summer Institute classes meet Monday through Friday. There are two blocks of classes: morning classes and afternoon classes. Attendance at all classes is required.

Given the duration of the Summer Institute, we cannot guarantee that Georgia State students will be in your classes. However, we partner Summer Institute students with Global Ambassadors, who are Georgia State students who will practice English and explore Atlanta with you.