Summer Institute Application Form

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Institute application. There are three pages to this application: student information and course selection; Board of Regents questionnaire; and Registration Agreement. All sections are required. Please complete the application during one sitting; you cannot save and return to this form.

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  • Please confirm that you are applying for Summer 2017. All students will select "201705".
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  • Have you taken any of these English Language tests?
  • You will have a Georgia State student buddy during the Summer Institute. Please select if you prefer a same gender buddy or you have no preference.
  • Emergency Contact Information

    All Georgia State students are required to have emergency contact information on file.
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  • Course Selection

    Using the options below, please indicate your first and second choices for elective courses (the course you will take in addition to Academic English). Elective courses are assigned based on English proficiency levels. If a student is determined to have lower English proficiency, then the Summer Institute will place the student in two English classes. We cannot guarantee placement in first or second choices, but we will try to honor as many requests as possible. Students who are not enrolled in their first choice will be notified.
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