Georgia State Welcomes Soongsil University for Summer Program in Information Systems

Posted On July 3, 2013
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Soongsil students

Soongsil University participants and Robinson College of Business Dean Fenwick Huss (center), JP Shim (left), Ephraim McLean (right) and staff

The Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University is hosting 31 Korean information technology professionals for five weeks, June 24-July 26, from Soongsil University.

SeoulKorea-based Soongsil and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency in Korea selected Robinson to share the latest developments in the field of information technology. The visitors include two Korean professors and graduate students who also are employed in the field.

“The new Korean government saw that Korea has 25 percent of the global hardware market for cellphones, personal computers and other hardware with companies such as Samsung and LG,” J. P. Shim, a professor of computer information systems at the Robinson College, told Global Atlanta.

“But they also realized that they have only 2 percent of the global market in software so they recognized that they need to increase their investment in human resources to give software a boost.”

The Korean government is covering the costs for the visitors’ stay in Atlanta including airfare.

Topics to be covered during the stay include IT security, agile software development, project management, management of information services and a capstone field study focused on information technology projects.

Dr. Shim said that the last week of the program is to include visits to United Parcel Service Inc.Coca-Cola Co. and the CNN Center for presentations by Atlanta-area chief information officers and IT executives.

Soongsil’s computer science department is ranked second in Korea only behind Seoul National University, he added.

Georgia State and Soongsil have had a partnership since 2011.

For more information, Dr. Shim may be reached at [email protected].

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