Faculty Mentoring Program Celebrates a Successful Immersion Program

This fall, the Office of International Initiatives, along with the Departments of Biology and Physical Therapy, welcomed the first Faculty Mentoring Program scholars. This program sought to work with Georgia State’s partner institutions to enhance the scholar’s ability to teach and develop courses in English.  This semester participants were from Hangzhou Normal University and China Medical University.  Each scholar was hosted by a Georgia State faculty member who served as a mentor.  During their time at Georgia State, mentors and scholars exchanged information to enhance research/teaching techniques and curricula.


Faculty Mentoring Program mentors and mentees celebrate a successful immersion program with Kike Ehigiator, Director of International Initiatives and Partnerships, and Chelsea Van Bergen, Project Coordinator for International Initiatives and Partnerships.

According to Dr. Kyla Ross, faculty in Georgia State’s Department of Biology, “…I have gained an appreciation for how courses are conducted internationally and observed differences between American and Chinese cultures.”

The sixteen week immersion program also enabled the scholars to increase their language proficiency.  They developed presentations, guest lectured, and participated in class activities.

The scholars and their mentors also engaged in cross-cultural activities that included International Education Month events, visiting Atlanta attractions, and dining on local cuisine. Additionally, the scholars also took opportunities to learn about American history and culture by traveling throughout the southeast.

The scholars will depart this month with the hopes of developing English-medium curricula and teaching in English.

International Visiting Scholar

Georgia State Mentor

Host Department

Dr. Yin Huang Dr. Roberta Attanasio Biology
Dr. Chuan Fei Liu Dr. Kyla Ross Biology
Mr. Xu Xiao Dong Dr. Lois Borek Biology
Dr. Shan Yu Su Dr. Yong Tai Wang Physical Therapy