Benefits of Virtual Exchange

students in computer lab

Get Inspired with Virtual Exchange


Virtual exchange globalizes the curriculum, introduces students to an interconnected world, and promotes digital literacy.

There are many compelling reasons to make virtual exchange an integral part of  your course and curriculum design.

Here are our top ten reasons to integrate virtual exchange into your courses.


Virtual Exchange IS for You If You Want to…


  1. Introduce Students to an Interconnected World

  2. Increase Students’ Global Competency

  3. Globalize the Curriculum

  4. Engage Students in Project-Based Learning

  5. Promote Students’ Global Digital Literacy

  6. Foster Students’ Cultural Appreciation and Understanding

  7. Develop Students’ Professional Skills

  8. Facilitate Intercultural Collaboration and Communication

  9. Support Global Student Engagement

  10. Promote Global Awareness and Change Perspectives


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