Call for Faculty Fellows

The Office of International Initiatives seeks qualified faculty to help expand the Virtual Exchange Initiative at Georgia State University. An exciting interactive high impact practice, Virtual Exchange (VE):

  • Connects GSU students and faculty with their counterparts at an international university to work collaboratively,
  • Promotes students’ intercultural competence and digital literacy across shared multicultural learning environments, and
  • Utilizes a variety of teaching strategies, such as peer review, cooperative learning, online discussions, project-based learning, service learning and co-teaching.

Georgia State has seen dramatic growth in VE over recent years, with nearly 1,000 students in 17 sections in fall of 2021 alone. Virtual Exchange Faculty Fellows, working with the Virtual Exchange Coordinator, will augment this growth by focusing on specific areas such as assessment, research, outreach, training, and sustainability.

The Virtual Exchange Initiative seeks two Faculty Fellows for the 2022-2023 cycle (summer/Maymester 2022 through spring term 2023). Fellowship funding will be up to $12,000 for the year, to be utilized in the following ways:

  • One course buy-out in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023, following the relevant college’s policy on course buy-out (mandatory, approval by chair required).
  • Remaining funds can be used at the Faculty Fellows’ discretion, including:
    • Summer stipend (depending on summer FTE)
    • Professional development, training, and/or conference participation
    • Equipment


Focus Areas

Faculty Fellow 1: Assessment and Research

  • Develop and implement surveys and other assessment instruments to measure the impact of VE on student learning outcomes, such as intercultural competency, digital literacy, and academic success.
  • Analyze assessment findings
  • Publish research
  • In collaboration with Institutional Research, conduct retrospective and current analysis of VE impact on student success

Faculty Fellow 2: Outreach, Training, and Sustainability

  • Work with college and departments to recruit new faculty to VE modality
  • Mentor faculty new to VE
  • In collaboration with CETLOE and Faculty Affairs, introduce VE to new and current faculty
  • Work with departments to standardize VE pedagogy for integration into a course taught by different instructors over multiple semesters

Specific deliverables for each VE Faculty Fellow will be developed in consultation with the VE coordinator and the Associate Provost for International Initiatives. Faculty Fellows are expected to participate in monthly check-in meetings during the academic year.

Please submit a Curriculum Vita and a proposal letter (up to two pages) describing your interest in the Faculty Fellowship, your experience with VE, and how you would contribute to the growth of VE at Georgia State. A letter of support (including intent of course release) from your department chair is required.

Proposals must be submitted by March 11, 2022 for consideration. Fellowship awards will be announced in late March. Please submit entire application packet (Proposal letter, CV, and Department Chair’s Letter of Support) electronically to Dr. Nannette Commander, Virtual Exchange Coordinator, at [email protected].