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Faculty Associate for Virtual Exchange Position

Posted On January 3, 2023
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Georgia State University’s Office of International Initiatives invites applications for the Faculty Associate for Virtual Exchange. This position reports to the Associate Provost for International Initiatives.

The position is open to both tenure-stream and non-tenure stream faculty with full-time appointments in one of the academic units at Georgia State.

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GSU Expands Access to Global Experiences through SAVE Grant Program

Posted On December 5, 2022
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The Office of International Initiatives and the Atlanta Global Studies Center recently launched the Scaling Access to Virtual Exchange (SAVE) Grant Program to integrate Virtual Exchange into the curriculum of a required course in an identified major or pathway and to ensure that all graduates in that degree program participate in at least one International Virtual… more »

Current Project Review – Fall 2022

Posted On August 22, 2022

Faculty engaged in Virtual Exchange pictured clockwise from top left: Dr. Yali Zhao, Dr. Erin Mason, Dr. Mourad Dakhli, Dr. Pier Angeli Junor Clarke, Dr. Ken White, Dr. David Wojnowski, Dr. Carrie Manning, Dr. Edward Wang, Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, Dr. Evaristo Doria, Dr. Laura Hastings, Dr. Salomao De Farias, Dr. Corey Williams.

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Past Virtual Exchange Initiatives 2021

Posted On February 11, 2022


Faculty engaged in Virtual Exchange pictured clockwise from bottom-left: Dr. Floran Syler-Woods, Dr.Mourad Dakhli, Dr. Han Na Suh, Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks, Dr. Hongmei Zhang, Dr. Eric Wright, Dr. Sahithya Reddivari, Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, Dr. Carrie Manning ,Dr. Laura Hastings, Dr. Yali Zhao, Dr. Frank Lee,Dr. Michelle Kassorla, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria,… more »

Current Projects

Posted On March 11, 2021



Analyzing Multicultural Conversations as Sociolinguistic Phenomena – Kazakhstan

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics Dr. Stephanie Lindemann, is partnering on a virtual exchange project with Dr. Yelena Kandalina, Associate Professor of Foreign Philology at Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University in Kazakhstan. Students in sociolinguistics classes in both countries meet multiple times… more »

Past Projects

Posted On August 1, 2018

Faculty grant winners pictured from top left to bottom right: Dr. Patrick Freer, Dr. Jennifer McCoy, Dr. Yali Zhao, Telmeko Ransom, Dr. Jung Ha Kim, Dr. Erin Vinoski Thomas, Taylor Chlapowski, Dr. Tuba Angay Crowder, Dr. Christine Stauber, Dr. Roberta Attanasio, Courtney Strosnider, Dr. Mourad Dakhli.



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Partners, Participants and Projects

Posted On April 11, 2018


Virtual Exchange Globalizes Teaching and Learning



Georgia State University Faculty and Students Collaborate with Global Partners Around the World!


Recent Partners and Projects:


Dr. Mourad Dakhli, Clinical Associate Professor of International Business, Robinson College of Business, and his students have been engaged in the International Business & Culture in North… more »