Georgia State’s Confucius Institute Wins National Photo Competition, Meets with Congressman John Lewis in Washington

Georgia State University’s Confucius Institute (GSUCI) won the first annual 2018 Confucius Institute U.S. Center (CIUS) Chinese New Year Photo Competition in the People’s Choice and Highest Engagement Rate on Social Media categories.

The CIUS hosted the competition over social media in an effort to highlight the variety of 2018 Chinese new year activities held at Confucius Institutes nation-wide.  Photos from different Confucius Institutes across the United States were entered as submissions, and GSUCI received over 500 votes on their photo to win the competition.

As the winning recipient, GSUCI administrators Dr. Wolfgang Schlör and Kimberly Henshaw, as well as Adam Donaldson, a Georgia State alum who participated in an exchange program in China, were invited to the CIUS’ Spring Gallery photo exhibit and reception. Dr. Schlör, the associate provost for International Initiatives at Georgia State University and executive director of the GSUCI, gave remarks on the impact and importance of educational and cultural exchange at the reception.

“We are grateful for this recognition by the CIUS, and for the opportunity to share highlights from our Chinese New Year activities in Atlanta with a wider audience,” said Dr. Schlör.

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Homma Rafi
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Office of International Initiatives

Entitled Our CI Story: Building Bridges, Changing Lives, the exhibit was held in the CIUS’ Washington, D.C. offices.  GSUCI’s winning photo, featuring student performers from Beijing Language and Culture University’s (BLCU) Art Troupe, was displayed in the Georgia State Spotlight section of the exhibit, which also included photos from other GSUCI events and activities.  The winning photo was taken by Atlanta-based photographer Dot Paul.

“The GSUCI exemplifies our mission of promoting educational and cultural exchange between the U.S. and China. From providing study abroad scholarships to hosting discussions with international business leaders, the GSUCI is an important part of promoting Chinese language and cultural education both at Georgia State and in the greater-Atlanta community and we are excited to highlight their accomplishments in an engaging and innovative way,” said Gao Qing, executive director of the CIUS.

While in Washington, D.C., the GSUCI delegation met with Congressman John Lewis, a prominent civil rights leader and the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5thcongressional district, where Georgia State University is located. The discussion focused on the importance of providing international education opportunities for Georgia State students, and the GSUCI’s support for these efforts, as well as for promoting cross-cultural understanding and global education in Atlanta.

“When students have the opportunity to go and associate and live with people of different backgrounds and cultures, they come back as better citizens and better human beings,” said Congressman Lewis.  “I enjoy seeing Georgia State University students every day from my downtown Atlanta office.  It’s a wonderful student population.”

Donaldson, who was deeply moved by his study abroad experience in China, thanked the Congressman for his efforts in fighting for and protecting civil liberties.

“GSUCI helped facilitate the scholarships, programs, and opportunities that helped changed my life in so many ways that sometimes it’s hard to express it.  My exchange program in China makes me see the world in a totally different way now,” said Donaldson. “Global education is necessary because we live in a globalized world. If we’re going to live in a world of peace despite our differences, we’re going to need that understanding – and that understanding only truly comes from interacting with people who are different than us.”

For more information on the exhibit, Our CI Story: Building Bridges, Changing Lives, please click here.

Photo: From left to right: Dr. Wolfgang Schlör, Congressman John Lewis, Kimberly Henshaw, and Adam Donaldson meet in Congressman Lewis’ Capitol Hill office in Washington, D.C.  

For more photos from Washington, D.C., please visit International Initiatives’ Flickr page.

The Office of International Initiatives at Georgia State University is responsible for the strategic integration and coordination of the University’s international initiatives, partnerships, grants, program development and management, events and activities, study abroad programs, and the Confucius Institute.