Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP)

As part of its efforts to internationalize the campus and establish its global presence, Georgia State University is collaborating with its partners to jointly enhance global competence of faculty and students. Since 2013, Georgia State has hosted scholars on a targeted professional development opportunity.

The FMP is a professional development program designed to engage international scholars in customized, field-specific, and cross-cultural activities. Visiting international scholars are paired with Georgia State faculty to engage in academic activities including: teaching in an U.S. classroom, class observations, syllabi development and enhancement, course evaluation, and language enhancement. Georgia State faculty may also engage scholars beyond the classroom. Participants take part in cross-cultural experiences such as sporting and cultural events, visits to historical sites, and possible travel within Georgia and across the United States. Additionally, scholars have the opportunity to increase their confidence in English language skills through a customized Conversation Partner Program and an Intensive English Instruction Program, when requested.

Unlike regular faculty/scholar exchange, this program is structured to ensure that visiting faculty receive focused attention from their mentors and take advantage of academic and research opportunities afforded them at Georgia State. The structure includes effective coordination between the Office of International Initiatives (OII), hosting departments, home units, and faculty to plan and execute the program. OII assists with the pairing of faculty, access to university resources, language enhancement, and cultural immersion. Additionally, OII works with International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) by providing information for the issuance of visa documentation. The program also includes the drafting of a Mentor/Mentee agreement, which primarily captures the Mentee’s professional development objectives during the FMP.

Scholars must be affiliated with an international institution, interested in learning about the American educational system, and must also be eligible for the J-1 visa.


  • Attending and/or making presentations
  • Developing new syllabi
  • Improving language through exchange and Georgia State language resources
  • Cultural immersion, recreation, and excursions
  • Developing relationships
  • Co-teaching part of a course or seminar

“The vocal recital was the most valuable to me. My mentor’s instruction was very effective.
– Meiling Jin, Faculty Mentoring Program, Spring 2013
This is a customizable program. Please request a quote based on your needs.
For more information on the Faculty Mentoring Program, please view the program booklet and further testimonials.
Ms. Ahu Kostak-Bulat – (404) 413-2551
Associate Director, Special Programs for Global Engagement
Office of International Initiatives
Georgia State University
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