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FIPE FY2023 Recipients

International Partnerships & Agreements (IPA) congratulates the Fiscal Year 2023 recipients of the Faculty International Partnership Engagement grant! Click here to learn more about funding through IPA.

Recipient: Dr. Jelena Subotic

Proposal Summary

Dr. Subotic proposes to use awarded FIPE funds to establish a consortium at Georgia State that will facilitate international activities including, expanding local and international partnerships to facilitate collaboration with the University of Belgrade to pursue a $115,000 University Partnership Program (UPP) grant sponsored by the State Department in Serbia.

Recipient: Dean Sally Wallace

Proposal Summary

Dean Wallace seeks to use FIPE funds to initiate a pilot study on an innovative teaching method designed to support Kazakhstan teachers’ understanding and promotion of “student agency” in their classrooms. The pilot study will inform submission of a $500,000 USAID grant proposal to expand the intervention.

Prior FIPE Recipients

Cerebral Palsy Rehab and Nutrition

Recipient: Dr. Sutanuka Bhattacharjya

Children with CP are highly prone to feeding difficulties resulting from oral-motor impairments. High prevalence of feeding difficulties in children with CP, especially in resource-poor settings is a major contributor to inadequate food intake and risk of malnutrition. In this study we aim to identify mealtime-related needs and practices for CBR workers and plan a larger grant proposal to develop educational strategies for mealtime with children with CP in India. This will be a multidisciplinary collaborative effort between Georgia State University in US and Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in India.

Vietnam/GSU Nursing Curriculum

Recipient: Dr. Miranda Hawks

The purpose of this FIPE grant proposal is to initiate a strategic partnership to develop the existing undergraduate nursing curriculum at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP). This partnership would serve as the foundation for a large-scale external funding proposal to the NIH or NSF to support the expansion of the curriculum development pilot study to nursing schools throughout Southern and Northern Vietnam during a workshop guided by the Training of Trainers (ToT) Model.


(1) Travel to CTUMP to facilitate an initial curriculum development workshop for 14 days.

(2) Finalize the details of the initial MOU to be processed within GSU.

(3) Explore opportunities for virtual exchange within the pharmacology and pathophysiology courses at CTUMP; the PI instructs pharmacology and pathophysiology within GSU’s nursing curriculum.

Virtual Exchange Abroad with Peers & Faculty

Recipient: Dr. Carrie Manning

Our FIPE grant proposal to Increase Strategic Partnerships and Programs has two components: student program development and collaborative research. GSU students, GSU exchange students attending the University of Strasbourg, and University of Strasbourg students will benefit from both projects. The two P.I.s, Drs. Carrie Manning and Laura Hastings (GSU Political Science), will strengthen the partnership between GSU and University of Strasbourg through course collaborations and joint research on border issues.

Positive Parenting Program in Haiti

Recipient: Dr. Sarah McCool

In this proposed project, the investigators will explore the feasibility of implementing SafeCare in birthing homes across Haiti. SafeCare is an evidence-based, brief parenting intervention that is highly effective in improving parent-child relationships and behavioral outcomes of young children (0 to 5 years). While broadly implemented in developed countries, it has limited reach in low- and middle-income countries. This project aims to collect information on feasibility of implementing SafeCare in low resource settings.

Collaborative Research and Teaching Proposal

Recipient: Dr. Jennifer McCoy

This proposal requests funding for a two-week field visit to my partner faculty at Koc University in Istanbul to pursue the next phase of our collaborative comparative research project on polarization and democratic erosion, specifically to develop a book proposal.  Secondly, we will further develop our Virtual Exchange signature experience for students that we piloted in Spring 2020.

Epigenetics of Diabetes Study

Recipient: Dr. Ike Okosun

We are requesting funds to leverage and finance international activities/projects to collect preliminary data to strengthen our NIH funding application to study the epigenetic basis for diabetes disparities in populations of African descent. This study is designed to characterize the role of lifestyle factors in type 2 diabetes rate differences between African Americans, Nigerian Americans, and Nigerians in Nigeria by examining patterns of DNA methylation (DNAm). We hypothesize that variations in the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in African Americans, Nigerians Americans, and Nigerians in Nigeria are due to lifestyle factors altered-DNAm patterns.

Educational Leadership Uganda

Recipient: Dr. Will Rumbaugh

A relationship began in 2017 between Dr. Rumbaugh and Gateway School in Bwerenga, Uganda.  Upon visiting the school in 2018, the relationship grew to involve another organization that supports schools in and around Kampala, called Africa Renewal, and a university that offers degree programs for several roles in schools, Africa Renewal University.  The proposal is to solidify the relationship of these interrelated organizations--Gateway School, Africa Renewal, and Africa Renewal University--and to join them with Georgia State University.  The goals of the relationship are to co-labor with Africa Renewal to build the capacity of 115 current school leaders, with the leaders of Gateway School to implement leadership best-practices, and with Africa Renewal University to create and implement a school leadership degree program so that leadership capacity-building rests in Ugandan hands.  The outcomes of the relationships are to research the capacity-building efforts with the three different organizations, to publish research results, and to build bridges for students and leaders in Uganda and at Georgia State University to exchange ideas and practices.

Sanitation in Salvador

Recipient: Dr. Christine Stauber

Building on an existing binational collaboration, we propose to gather preliminary data on the use of mobile health apps to enhance environmental health interventions in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Building on the team’s experience and the research framework for the sanitation interventions, our proposal will capitalize on the existing resources available to enhance the intervention with mHealth technology. We will use funds from the FIPE to apply for mHealth grant to NIH.

Online Training Products in Nepal

Recipient: Dr. Andrey Timofeev

This proposal supports collaboration between the International Center for Public Policy (ICePP) at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (AYSPS) and Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) on the creation of innovative training products suitable for all forms of delivery (in-person, online, or hybrid) aimed to reach more learners, in particular those from backgrounds similar to Nepal. Building on the two decades of providing executive training and MA courses and utilizing the expertise and innovation of the AYSPS Instructional Design & Multimedia team, ICePP will pilot conversion of existing training materials for online delivery, and simultaneously create multipurpose educational products that can be shared internally between executive and academic courses at AYSPS as well for in-country courses delivered in collaboration with international partners.

Kazakhstan Evidence-Based Policy

Recipient: Dean Sally Wallace

This proposal builds on growing interest in impact evaluation of public programs in Kazakhstan by organizing an impact evaluation boot camp in Almaty. Evaluation is key to good policy development. We propose to work with local researchers and develop concept notes that can be submitted to UNDP (among other funders) for external funding to evaluate high profile, important social programs in the country.