About Funding

International activities are diverse and varied and to that extent, there are diverse grants and funding sources at  Georgia State can be funded through various funders. International grant opportunities can be directly or indirectly aligned to funders priorities and as such may be easy or challenging to find.


Georgia State University recognizes the importance of funding for achieving its Goal 5 of its strategic goals and has set aside seed funds to facilitate faculty and staff’s efforts to leverage external funding for research, technical assistance and projects, activities that foster academic, policy and civic engagements that contribute to its student learning and success.


Following are resources for leveraging funding.

Grant Services

Faculty International Partnership Engagements
Georgia State University is committed to engaging institutional partners both in the five task force countries and beyond. Through the Faculty International Partnership Engagement (FIPE) Grant, OII, with funding from the Provost’s Office, provides seed funding every fiscal year to support two major strategic objectives.  Click here for more information
International Grant Opportunities Database
To support the university’s initiative to promote externally funded research, faculty and staff are able to find, track and share international funding opportunities by using the International Grant database which pulls data from the funding database, Pivot-RP; click here for more information.
Funding Friday
Interested in discovering helpful grant writing tips from experienced peers and experts?  IPA organizes Funding Friday workshops to support faculty’s efforts in procuring international grants that advance the university’s research and strategic goals.   These events are designed to bring representatives from international funding agencies as well as experienced awardees together to empower Georgia State faculty in their pursuit of international grant funding.  Click here for more information.

Grant Support

University Resources

Looking for help with research and support in the pursuit of international grant funding by subject area?  University Librarians offer assistance in these areas.  Click here to search for Librarians by subject area. 

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The Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA) provides assistance for projects sponsored by the federagovernment, not-for-profit agenciesand state olocal governments.  

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Interested in pursuing an international grant? The University Research Services & Administration (URSA) provides support to effectively prepare grant proposals

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University Grants

Georgia State University provides funding opportunities for faculty scholarship, including grants for travel to conferences, conducting scholarly research, and visiting scholars programs.

Georgia State provides seed funding through internal grant competitions for a variety of research activities.

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This program brings to Georgia State University promising and leading faculty from underrepresented minority groups for short-term (1-2 week) visits.

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The goal of the Faculty International Partnership and Research – Translational Medical (FIPAR-TMed) Program is to facilitate competitive international research collaboration in translational and clinical research.

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United States Government Agencies