GAP Travel Waiver Form

    The Summer Institute (and Georgia State University) is not responsible for accidents incurred while on independent outings not affiliated with the official Summer Institute program. If you are unsure whether an outing is suitable, please contact Amanda Roshan-Rawaan, director of international programs and projects, at [email protected] or 615-972-0759 (mobile).
  • Please enter the date you will be out with your Summer Institute buddy in your car.
  • Please list the Summer Institute student(s) who will be with you. Enter their first and last name (that is, don't just enter "Michelle," because we won't know who that is).
  • Please provide the destination or venue name (e.g. "Pine Mountain, GA" or "Six Flags" or "my house").
  • Please enter the venue address if you are visiting a specific place (or places). If you are visiting a town or city, please enter the name (e.g. Athens, GA). If your destination is a specific place (your house, amusement park, shopping mall, etc...) please enter the address.
  • We watch the news and traffic reports while the Summer Institute students are here, so please help us out by providing any additional information. The more information you provide, the less we have to wonder and worry about.