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The GSU Global Gateway is an on-going data visualization initiative which will serve a dual role. First as a portal to a comprehensive view of the university’s international engagement, and second, as a one-stop-shop for data and analytics on international activities. The goal of this initiative is to serve as GSU’s international thematic database and a tool for informing and evaluating GSU’s global engagement and strategic direction.

There are currently three posted views out of a planned fourteen. There are displays on partnerships, study abroad, and international students’ data. When the project is complete, there should also be data visualizations on international scholars, international research, international visitors, international alumni, international faculty engagement and activities including publications, language and expertise. There will also be enhanced data analytics including data dashboards and an ability to request for customized data and reports. All these function will enhance and establish both internal and external collaboration, new projects, and reports that will guide new and timely opportunities to globalize.

To facilitate data visualization, programmers have created dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly thematic views with manipulable customized data sets that present observations including trends, distributions and comparisons of real time and historical timelines. Users for example may view partnership growth over a 10-year period or the top-10 majors of international graduate or undergraduate students, or the distribution of study abroad student participation by college. To view the data, users would either manipulate the map or the filters below the map within each view.

Currently behind a secure login access, the Global Gateway shares data with the university’s external shareholders – alumni, government, and partners while hopefully sharing details with internal stakeholders if the opportunity presents itself through procurement of an enterprise server.
We invite you to return frequently to monitor this effort and to hopefully witness and explore GSU's growing international impact. We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions on this initiative. Please email us at: [email protected] or call 404-413-2532.