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Colleges and academic departments can invest in the global competency and intercultural fluency of their students by adding existing or new courses to the Global Scholar course list. Adding Global Scholar courses to a curriculum adds value and raises the profile of a degree program by integrating international perspectives and by meeting the needs of students who want to prepare for 21st century careers which will require the ability to work in diverse global contexts.

Courses that receive the “Global Scholars” designation should include significant global, cross-cultural, or world regional content and should present global and cross-cultural perspectives during course activities.

To learn how to tag relevant global, cross-cultural, or world regional courses in your degree program with the “Global Scholars” designation, please read these guidelines from the University Senate or click on your college to view instructions.

  • School of Nursing and Health Professions (coming soon)
  • Robinson College of Business (coming soon)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (link to PDF)
  • School of Public Health (coming soon)
  • Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (coming soon)
  • College of Education and Human Development (link to PDF)
  • College of the Arts (coming soon)


Watch the video to learn how to find these courses within the university catalog.

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