Relevant Links

These are step-by-step guides that provide information on how to navigate the development and renewal of varying agreements through the consultation, initiation, and execution phases. The guides, which also initiate simple to complex-negotiated programs, present institutional and partner considerations, requirements, approvals, anticipated processing timelines, and links to agreement templates.

Click here to access our agreement guides on our agreements management page.

These are one-page institutional overviews of current or potential Georgia State partners. These overviews contain information that highlights details to facilitate quick evaluation of compatibility, and areas of overlap that could facilitate partnership.

Click here to access our institutional profiles.

These are research-themed profiles which highlight areas of research, strategic initiatives, resources, and other related details of potential or existing Georgia State partner institutions.  These documents are tailored to assist researchers in identifying and evaluating research areas for potential collaboration.  

Click here to request a university research profile.

Why Info-as-Service?

IPA has created customized and relevant international information databases to inform, guide, and advance international collaborations at our university. Information such as International Grant Opportunities, specialized databases, and Potential Partner Profiles provide useful and quick references to assist in exploring new opportunities for collaboration.

Faculty International Profiles

Georgia State faculty are globally connected – whether it’s through their research, the information they teach, education abroad, or their country of origin.  One service that IPA offers faculty is the creation of a faculty international profile. Click here for more information on faculty resources.

International Grant Opportunities Banner

To support the university’s initiative to promote externally funded research, faculty are able to find, track and share international funding opportunities by using the International Grant database which pulls data from the funding database, Pivot; click here for more information. 

Teaching Abroad Opportunities

To facilitate international collaborations that could foster research, grants, programs, consulting, and capacity building opportunities across the globe, IPA has built a searchable online repository that houses international teaching request data. Click here for more information!