Initiating Agreements


  1. Review Georgia State University’s Guidelines and Procedures for International Partnership Agreements.
  2. Decide on the extent of the relationship or collaboration – this will determine the type of international agreement to be initiated. The Summary of Types and Purposes of GSU International Partnership Agreements provides a good overview.
  3. Check GSU’s International Partnership Agreements Database to determine if an agreement with the institution is already in place.
  4. Review role of GSU’s support units and the university approval process. Consult with relevant GSU units especially where the collaboration involves student, faculty and research programs.
  5. Download applicable agreement template from iAgree or Partnerships website and draft the agreement.
  6. Submit draft agreement to International Partnerships & Agreements via iAgree Contract Management Tool.
  7. Go to MyTask in iAgree to track the progress of your agreement.
  8. Contact the Office of International Initiatives’ (OII) International Partnerships & Agreements at 404-413-2551 or via e-mail for questions, additional guidance and support.

  • Download the applicable template and draft your agreement.
  • Refer to the Program Director's Consultation Checklist for guidance on details to be included in your agreement.
  • Use of Program-Specific Agreements
    Program-Specific Agreements should be developed for student and faculty exchange programs, academic programs, collaborative research, technical cooperation/assistance programs and other agreements establishing programs or projects.  This format is necessary in order to document details of the partnership, and to serve as a resource guide to aid support and problem-solving for individual programs/projects.