iSPEED Workshops

Students participate in four interactive workshops.

In 2019, Georgia State will offer the following workshops:

In this workshop, we will explore the topic of human and civil rights and learn about important activists around the world with a special focus on Martin Luther King, Jr., an Atlanta native. This workshop will end with a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park, which includes King’s birth home, family church, exhibits at Freedom Hall, and the King reflecting pool.


Ms. Debra Snell

Ms. Debra Snell has been an IEP lecturer at Georgia State since 1990, after having received her M.A. in Applied Linguistics/ESL from Georgia State in 1988. Debra’s interests include teacher development and education, corpus linguistics and second language writing and grammar. She has taught EFL in China and Japan, and in Morocco, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then as a Fulbright scholar. She is also a long distance bicyclist who loves to travel and watch crime shows on Netflix!


We’ll discuss a growing trend in American cities and larger cities around the world: Street Art. What is street art? Who are the artists? People have very different ideas about this form of art. How does it make you feel? What are your impressions? Why and how do these works of art appear in cities? Should they be preserved or erased? In this workshop, we will explore these questions as well as create our own street art!


Ms. Diana Wrenn has taught English to speakers of other languages in Indonesia, Japan, and Atlanta. She received her MA in Applied Linguistics and ESL from Georgia State University in 2007. She is interested in curriculum design, materials development and language assessment. Diana has eight siblings, loves to travel (but is afraid of flying), and loves avocado!

In today’s world, successful individuals can effectively interact and share ideas with people from different cultural, social, and language backgrounds. In this workshop, we’ll explore how customs and values impact our communication styles and consider ways to improve our own cross-cultural competencies. We’ll increase our awareness of communication styles by viewing engaging video clips and enjoying people-watching in Atlanta.

Ms. Sarah Kegley


Ms. Sarah Kegley is a Senior Lecturer in the ESL Credit Program at Georgia State University; she considers herself both an Applied Linguist and an interculturalist. While Sarah’s teaching career began in the public schools, by 1999 she began teaching international students at GSU, in both undergraduate and graduate ESL writing programs. In addition, Sarah lived for five years in Madrid, Spain, where she directed the American Language and Culture Program of the International Institute in Spain, a historical intercultural center founded to foster relations between the US and Spain. She later took on the role of Director of Student Life at Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus before moving back to Atlanta in 2009. Sarah grew up in the highlands of Virginia. In her free time, she likes to read and write.

What does science tell us about improving learning skills, such as attention, memory, comprehension, critical thinking, and test readiness? Consistent research findings explain why certain learning techniques are more effective. This interactive workshop will offer ways to facilitate learning for others and ourselves. We’ll discuss techniques for maximizing success in college and beyond!  No matter how proficient you are, strategies can be refined and improved for optimal results! This workshop will end with a visit to a local site where we will explore the connection between learning and technology.


Dr. Nannette Commander

Dr. Nannette Commander is Professor Emerita of Educational Psychology at Georgia State University. Her primary research areas are learning and cognition, academic success in higher education, and fostering cross-cultural competency through technology. She was recently awarded a Fulbright to teach fall semester at Hong Kong Baptist University. Nannette loves to learn new things and recently took up golf!

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