About Mapping Monday

Partnerships are developed through many different avenues, and IPA offers partnership clinics to help support faculty and departments in their development of formal partnership agreements and activities. Faculty are welcome to bring their ideas to these partnership clinics and IPA will assist in facilitating meetings and discussions utilizing university information and connections to formalize partnership activities into agreements.


In 2019, IPA worked extensively with ISSS to formalize a recruitment initiative with the Bahamas Ministry of Education, allowing students from The Bahamas to receive scholarships to pursue their degrees at Georgia State. IPA has also advised colleges on merging existing exchange agreements with the same partner, to form one university-wide agreement, and has helped departments develop articulation programs, allowing partner students to complete their degrees at Georgia State. If you are seeking to formalize a partnership and would like to discuss how IPA can help, please contact us!

Mapping Monday Sessions and Resources

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The Faculty International Partnership Engagement (FIPE) Grant can award eligible GSU faculty members up to $10,000.
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