About On Call International


On Call International is a travel risk management service. Organizations and avid travelers are encouraged to use their services to better prepare to travel to different countries. They provide a range of service including security services, emergency services, travel monitoring and more.

On Call’s Global Risk Intelligence Portal  portal allows users to review and generate quick and convenient international risk reports listed below:


  1. Incident Briefs
  2. Daily Reports
  3. Country Risk Reports
  4. Risk Publications


Click here to view their website for more information.

Contact partnerships@gsu.edu for access to the Global Risk Intelligence Portal.

Other Services

On Call International offers medical, security, and travel assistance (Clients and Members Only)
If you are traveling right now and need immediate assistance, you can contact their 24/7 Global Response Center.

Call toll-free from the U.S. or Canada:
1 (800) 407-7307

Call collect from anywhere in the world:
1 (603) 898-9159
Email us from anywhere in the world:

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