Georgia State University International Engagement Tool

PantherGLOBAL is an online, paperless platform that allows Georgia State University faculty members to access and share information on partnerships, research, visits, and other collaborations/relationships with international institutions.


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One-Time Contributors

PantherGLOBAL forms assist in collecting information about international engagement, including mobility in departure from, and return to, Georgia State. The forms available are the International Mobility FormInternational Activity Form, International Network Form, and the International Partnership Form.

See below for more information on international forms.

The International Mobility Form is for incoming and outgoing Georgia State delegation visits (e.g. visiting scholars, delegation visits, study abroad program trips, etc.)

The International Activity Form is used for Georgia State-related international events that do not include visits (e.g. research collaborations, conferences, presentations, lectures, festivals, etc.)

The International Network Form is used for Georgia State-related internationally focused networks and associations.


The International Partnership Form is used for Georgia State-related formal international agreements.


Accessing PantherGLOBAL

Regular Contributors

The PantherGLOBAL Portal is a gateway to accessing new, saved, and submitted PantherGLOBAL forms. From this page users, can view previously submitted forms and saved forms.  The user can also submit a new form. By registering, users have a central access point to enter new information and review submitted and saved forms.


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The PantherGLOBAL Publisher allows users to access information about Georgia State University’s relations with international institutions using a variety of tools and search options, including an interactive world map. Detailed information about each international relation can be accessed through the publisher.



Click here to access the PantherGLOBAL Publisher.

Please click here to access an input tutorial for the publisher.