Robotics Track

Georgia State University is located in dynamic downtown Atlanta, offering students an attractive opportunity to live and study in a city rich in diversity, history, commerce, entertainment, and more.

During Summer Sessions, participants spend two weeks engaging in field-based seminars and exploring two distinctly different U.S. cities, Atlanta, Georgia and Pensacola, Florida. Participants also get the opportunity to spend time with Georgia State students for a chance to learn about what life is like for locals.


The Robotics track provides a hands-on robotics learning experience for undergraduates and a collaborative environment for students to brainstorm ideas and work on robot concepts and implementation. Students will get a chance to acquire one or multiple skills including programming languages (C/C++/Java), prototyping environments (Python/MATLAB), hardware (sensors, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, microprocessors), scientific and mathematical methods, analytical methods (algorithms, optimization etc.), computer vision and GPU programming. Students will also have the chance to participate in culture and language discussions with Georgia State University students to learn about common cultural practices and speech in the United States.


  • Language Proficiency
  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Ability to Adapt
  • Confidence
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership Methods


The total cost of $2,500 includes seminars, housing, program fee, local transportation, cultural excursions, a flexible meal plan, and Florida trip. Also, we will add a $100 refundable housing security deposit.

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2022 Summer Sessions Program Canceled