What are students and faculty saying about Georgia State’s Summer Institute?

“I love GSU, I love the huge campus, and I think the food in the dining hall was really so delicious!” — Irmak Sorkun, Galatasaray University student

“The Summer Institute is a sensational experience that allows you to become more culturally diverse.” — Ronald Williams, Georgia State University student

“The most important achievement is that I gained lots of ambitions and motives to work harder in order to work abroad. The more I stayed, the more certain I am. There are no more words to explain my gratitude to all of you guys in GSU. I had a fantastic summer vacation this year.” — Hsieh Hsin Jung, China Medical University

The students’ non-native-speaker status encouraged me to design interactive lessons that helped them to improve their English while they learned about writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Phillis Wheatley, and Sui Sin Far.” — Laurah Norton, Senior Lecturer of English, Georgia State University

The Summer Institute students were enthusiastic and challenged me to present material I have taught for 35 years in new ways.” — Dr. James Darsey, Professor of Communication, Georgia State University

“It was energizing to discuss cultural experiences with the Summer Institute students, help them develop important academic language and critical thinking skills, and observe them gain confidence with their abilities.” — Sharon Cavusgil, Senior Lecturer of Applied Linguistics, Georgia State University

For more information about the Summer Institute, please contact the Office of International Initiatives at summer@gsu.edu or (404) 413-2530.