What are students and faculty saying about Georgia State’s Summer Institute?

One of the most beautiful chapters of my life came to an end. I have completed my Legal English and Introduction to US Law courses at Georgia State University. I am impressed with this program, and it increased my knowledge in the field of law.  Thanks to this program, I have learned to convey my knowledge in law in English correctly. One of the best decisions I made in my university life was to participate in this program. Thank you very much GSU!



I had an amazing time at the Georgia State University. I met a lot of awesome international people with different backgrounds and cultures. This has made me a more flexible and international person. Thank you for that!



This program can provide what you desire as a international students, efficiently peeking high education system in the States in short period. The Summer Program in GSU has thoughtful and thorough planning system supported by university faculty, wonderful team members in the Office of International Initiatives, who you can count on.

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For more information about the Summer Institute, please contact the Office of International Initiatives at summer@gsu.edu or (404) 413-2530.