Travel Advisory Countries

On March 7, 2018 Georgia State’s Admin. Council approved a new policy regarding the travel of employees and students to countries on the  U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisories List. Subsequently, faculty, staff and graduate students traveling to these countries with Level 3 or 4 Advisories would need to obtain department approval and complete the process below. Please note that if your destination country is placed on the list after you have already purchased your ticket, this policy still applies and travelers will need to seek approval.

To obtain approval please follow the steps below.

1. Receive their approval from their Dean and Department Chair.  Check with the Department/Dean for internal College procedure process.

2. Complete and sign, along with a witness, the Assumption of Risk Waiver.

3. Notify department Business Manager and/or Travel Coordinator of their travel plans along with completed Assumption of Risk Waiver and proof of Dean and Department Chair approvals.

4. Department’s Business Manager or Travel Coordinator (Spectrum User) will complete and submit the online Travel Advisory Authorization Form on OII’s webpage It is the responsibility of the Business Manager or Travel Coordinator (Spectrum User) to ensure the information on the form is complete, accurate and that all prior approvals have been obtained. Once a form has been submitted, an e-mail receipt confirmation will be sent from OII to the individual who submitted the form and other relevant units; including the Provost office and Legal Affairs.

5. If the form and Assumption of Risk Waiver are COMPLETE, OII will notify Georgia State’s travel agency, Travel Inc., of approval in order for the traveler to complete their booking by phone at (770) 291-5190 or (877) 548-2996. The notification to Travel Inc. will only be submitted Monday-Friday between 8:30AM-5:15PM.

Please click here for information on how to notify the U.S. State Department of your travel through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

  • Travel Inc. will update the Georgia State University Travel system within 2 business days of a new country being added to the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisories list.
  • When a Georgia State traveler calls Travel Inc. to book travel to an international destination, the Travel Inc. agent will first access the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisories Website to determine if the traveler’s itinerary includes a destination with a travel advisory of Level 3 or 4. If Travel Inc. has received notification of the approval for that particular trip from Georgia State’s OII, the agent will proceed to book the travel.  If Travel Inc. has not received the notification, they will advise the traveler to contact Georgia State’s OII or visit its website for instructions to obtain approved as listed above.
  • Once a ticket has been issued, Travel Inc. is under no obligation to monitor, alert or follow-up with a traveler or Georgia State regarding changes to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisories List.
  • When approved travel to a country with a level 3 or 4 travel advisory has been booked, Travel Inc. will send a confirmation e-mail to the traveler, traveler’s approving manager, and relevant departments listed on the Travel Advisory Notification Form.
  • In the normal course of doing business, Travel Inc. provide alerts to our customers in the event of natural disaster, weather related delays, business events like a bus or airport worker strike, terrorist attacks or other specific travel related events.  GSU will be notified of such an event and, if circumstances require, Travel Inc. will work with GSU and their travelers to reroute airline travel or change travel reservations.  Such action would apply to travelers in route to or already in a destination affected by the significant event.