Faculty engaged in Virtual Exchange pictured clockwise from top left: Dr. Yali Zhao, Dr. Erin Mason, Dr. Mourad Dakhli, Dr. Pier Angeli Junor Clarke, Dr. Ken White, Dr. David Wojnowski, Dr. Carrie Manning, Dr. Edward Wang, Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, Dr. Evaristo Doria, Dr. Laura Hastings, Dr. Salomao De Farias, Dr. Corey Williams.




Exploring the Impact of Culture on Mathematics Education

Dr. Pier Angeli Junor Clarke, Clinical Professor of Middle and Secondary Education, and Dr. Corey Williams, Georgia State University, is partnering with the University of Guyana, where a group of students and their faculty will collaborate on a project exploring the impact of culture on mathematics education. Students will use both Flipgrid and ZOOM to explore and share their differences and similarities as premises for the diversity of the cultures in becoming teachers of mathematics.


Business Case Research and Writing

Clinical Professor of International Business, Dr. Mourad Dakhli, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the Mediterranean School of Business. This course offers students the opportunity to work in cross-border virtual teams to complete a ‘Consultancy’ project. The project entails proposing, researching and drafting a business case dealing with a real business phenomenon or challenge that is interesting and one that requires insight and thoughtful recommendations. The case can address a firm-specific in a functional area, or an industry-level phenomenon. Students also have the option to focus on a nonprofit organization as long as the topics have international business implications. While the case focuses on the key issues faced, students also include a set of grounded recommendations to address the issues. Students also describe the global, regional, country, and industry, and competitive context as appropriate. A case competition with awards is included in this project. In addition, the top three cases are submitted to an international conference for review, presentation and publication.


Technology & the Global Marketplace: Implications for International Business Practitioners in Africa

Clinical Associate Professor of International Business, Dr. Salomao De Farias, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the ESCA School of Management located in Casablanca, Morocco. Students engage in this Experiential Learning Activity through working in teams with classmates and students from Morrocco to research, identify, and analyze business opportunities for a specific technology in the African Region with deliverables such as a team report and presentation.


Virtual Live Case Learning Experience

Clinical Associate Professor of International Business, Dr. Salomao De Farias, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Francisco Coelho and Dr. Helder Ferreira, Course Leaders at IPAM, O Porto, Portugal. This partnership establishes the experiential learning activity for BUSA4000 Global Business course by means of virtual teams of GSU and IPAM. Students work on an international business consulting project (a virtual live case) for a Portuguese retail company searching for business opportunities in countries around the world. The digital platform, Google pages and WebEx are used to elaborate team reports and facilitate the co-creation between GSU and IPAM students.


The Global Forum

Senior Lecturer of International Business and Co-Director of the Minor in International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Munich Business School in Germany. Undergraduate students in the field of international business engage in a cross-border large-scale online discussion forum to address topics that focus on the cultural differences and similarities in a business context. This virtual exchange initiative uses an AI-powered online discussion platform to foster cross-border students’ engagement.Click Here


Good Business

Senior Lecturer of International Business and Co-Director of the Minor in International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto in Canada. A cross-border (Canada and U.S), cross-functional (engineering students and international business students), large-scale (more than 100 students) learning experience. The participating students work in teams to create global business projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Promotional Video | Click Here


SMEs Go Global

Senior Lecturer of International Business and Co-Director of the Minor in International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Ulster University Business School in the U.K. and the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University in Minnesota, USA. During this VE project, the students will work in teams to help small and medium-sized companies from the U.S. understand the business opportunities for them in Europe and vice versa.


Changes in Teaching and Learning as a Result of the Pandemic

Senior Lecturer of Global Studies Institute, Dr. Laura Hastings is partnering with Dr. Dang Thi Kim Phung, Department of Sociology, Ton Duc Thang University. Students from Georgia State and Ton Duc Thang Universities meet virtually to present video presentations exploring how teaching and learning practices are changing as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Students usually carry out interviews and reflect on institutions, offering comparisons between practices in Atlanta and Ho Chi Minh City.


Exploring Culture and Career Development Through Virtual Exchange

Assistant Professor of School Counseling, Dr. Erin Mason, is partnering with Dr. Qiong Li in the School of Psychology at Sichuan Normal University (SNU). Through this virtual exchange, students experience the power of collaboration and problem-solving from a global perspective and use Flipgrid to participate in a cross-cultural virtual exchange to discuss career development for school-students.


Implementation of Precalculus Projects Involving Concepts Across the Globe Through Virtual Exchange

Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, a Senior Academic Professional of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Oduduwa University of Nigeria. Students utilize WebEx Teams space as well as Discord or Slack to discuss mathematical applications in contemporary world topics, such as the Suez Canal or the Corona Virus pandemic. Students from different parts of the globe collaborate, explore, and connect concepts with current world events to observe the relevance of learning skills and tools for introductory mathematics programs. Students also explore how their respective cultural and political background might impact implementing theoretical ideas.


U.S.-Africa Business Opportunities

University Lecturer of the Institute of International Business, Dr. Edward Wang, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange with the ESCA École de Management (ESCA Management School) located in Casablanca, Morocco. Students will be completing a consultancy project that will entail researching, identifying, and analyzing business opportunities in North Africa. The main goal of this project is for students to master the art and science of analyzing business opportunities and identifying risks in emerging and frontier economies, conduct primary and secondary research, and make data-driven recommendations while developing cross-cultural competencies and a global mindset.


Product Management

Clinical Instructor of Marketing, Ken White, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Connie Li, Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. Students will work together on two projects: (1) the development of a New Product Concept and Marketing Plan, and (2) the creation of a Socially Responsible Consumption Interactive Exhibition. The Virtual Exchange Project goals are to facilitate intercultural collaboration and cultivate a broader understanding of marketing across cultures.


Being a Responsible Pet Owner: Prevention of Dogs as Vectors of Disease

Clinical Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education), Dr. David Wojnowski,  is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Daphne Jhoanna Leon Cordova, Veterinarian at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia Department. Students will meet via Zoom to collaborate and share information between a Public Health/Epidemiology course at Cayetano Heredia University in Peru and a Content-based Curricula, Instruction and Assessment for Dual Immersion Classrooms course at GSU-College of Education & Human Development. The topic: Educational outreach curriculum to reduce the spread of disease in relation to dogs as vectors: Being a Responsible Pet Owner to facilitate multidisciplinary intercultural collaboration.


Learning About Different Cultures and Education Through Virtual Exchange Communities

Associate Professor of Social Studies and Multicultural Education, Dr. Yali Zhao, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Xiang Liu, Associate Professor in the College of Education Science at the Sichuan Normal University in China. Students in the course develop cross-cultural understanding of diverse cultures and education systems. Students have reciprocal learning opportunities to share views pertaining to various educational issues at the time of global Pandemic with international education students. Computer-mediated technology and web-based technologies, including iCollege and Flipgrid are used for sharing video presentations and discussions.


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