Virtual Exchange Faculty

Faculty engaged in Virtual Exchange pictured from top left to bottom right: Jessie Hayden, Dr. Yali Zhao, Dr. Nida Shaikh, Dr. Jennifer McCoy, Dr. Doria Evaristo, Dr. Ricardo Nogueira, Dr. Fei Li, Dr. Colleen Ijuin, Dr. Mourad Dakhli,  John Marshall.




Cultural Perspectives on Climate Change

Senior Lecturer of Geosciences, Dr. Ricardo Nogueira, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Sam Lau, Principal Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong, and Dr. Min Hu, Professor at Northwest University in Xi’an, China. Students utilize TopHat and TopHat Slate technology to discuss environmental pollution and explore the impact of climate change from their respective culture. The causes and consequences of climate change along with the effects of climate change on daily living and lifestyles are addressed.


Exploring Cultural Impact on Student Life and Humanities

Assistant Professor in Arts and Humanities, Communications, Colleen Ijuin, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Anna Chatthong and Tom Freimuth, Faculty in International Relations at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. GSU and PSU students exchange ideas about student life and humanities through VoiceThread.


Cross-Cultural Conversations

Assistant Professor of English, Jessie Hayden, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Emma Zhang, a Lecturer of English in the College of International Education at Hong Kong Baptist University. Students from GSU and Hong Kong Baptist University engage in cross-cultural discussion groups to discuss key topics related to social justice and creative expression. Students utilize two forms of technology, Flipgrid and Zoom.


GSU-UP: BQ Rohrsysteme GmbH International Consulting Project

Clinical Professor of International Business, Dr. Mourad Dakhli, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Johan Vogel, Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. This partnership establishes virtual teams of GSU and UP students that collaborate on an international business consulting project for a German industrial firm actively seeking to establish presence in Africa and the Middle East. The digital platform, Telanto, is used to facilitate and assess the university-industry collaboration.


Cities of the Past, Today, and Tomorrow

Assistant Professor of Urban Studies, Dr. Fei Li,  is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Cristina Lauri and Prof. Daniela de Leo, Faculty at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. Students explore shared challenges and innovated approaches in cities around the globe, such as inclusive development, urban renewal, resilience, sustainability, climate change, and technologies. Students use video-conferencing and social media to interact synchronously and asynchronously and work in groups for classroom debates on controversial topics in urban development and policy.


World Foods: Connecting Students in India and in the U.S.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, and member of the Global Research on Non-Communicable Disease (GRAND) Initiative, Dr. Nida Shaikh, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Principle and Professor of Sir Vithaldas Thackersey (SVT) College of Home Science, SNDT Women’s University in India. The project provides students with a window into the world of food and culture. Students engage in asynchronous group activities in iCollege to compare and reflect on their favorite foods and their origins, the food in their refrigerators, and collaborate on a group presentation about a festive cultural meal of their choice (e.g. a Polish Christmas Eve dinner).


Cross-Cultural Discussions on Democratic Erosion in the U.S. and Globally

Professor of Political Science, Dr. Jennifer McCoy,  is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Central European University (Professor Levente Littvay) in Hungary and University of Philippines (Professor Aries Arugay) in a course on Polarization and Democratic Erosion Around the World. Along with two U.S. universities teaching the same syllabus, the students engage in 2-3 guided discussions over the semester using What’s App in small groups of 5-6 students to discuss a theme of the course or current events in a country. This semester students discuss U.S. democracy, and the role of social media and disinformation in democratic erosion. Following the five days of What’s App discussion exchanging views, each student writes a one-page reflection paper. In addition, students give peer review on their draft blog assignments which are then posted on the cross-university consortium website,


Learning About Different Cultures and Education Through Virtual Exchange Communities

Associate Professor of Social Studies and Multicultural Education, Dr. Yali Zhao, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Xiang Liu, Associate Professor in the College of Education Science at the Sichuan Normal University in China. Students in the course develop cross-cultural understanding of different cultures and education systems. Students have reciprocal learning opportunities to share views pertaining to various educational issues at the time of global Pandemic with international education students. Computer-mediated technology and web-based technologies, including iCollege and Flipgrid are used for sharing video presentations and discussions.



The Global Forum

Senior Lecturer of International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Conestoga College School of Business in Canada and Munich Business School in Germany. Undergraduate students in the field of international business engage in a cross border large scale online discussion forum to address topics that focus on the cultural differences and similarities in a business context. This virtual exchange initiative uses an AI powered online discussion platform to foster cross-border students’ engagement.


Approaches of the European Union (Italy) and United States to Urban Environmental Challenges 

Associate Professor of Law, Dr. John Marshall, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Eliza Scotti, Associate Professor at Marcerata University in Italy. Students communicate via Webex to compare how the E.U. (Italy) and U.S. approach the four urban environmental challenges of Air, Water, Brownfields, and Environmental Justice.

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