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Faculty engaged in Virtual Exchange pictured clockwise from bottom-left: Dr. Floran Syler-Woods, Dr.Mourad Dakhli, Dr. Han Na Suh, Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks, Dr. Hongmei Zhang, Dr. Eric Wright, Dr. Sahithya Reddivari, Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, Dr. Carrie Manning ,Dr. Laura Hastings, Dr. Yali Zhao, Dr. Frank Lee,Dr. Michelle Kassorla, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, Dr. Natalie Grubbs, Dr. Salomao De Farias,Dr. Salli Vargis.




An Exploration of GAAP vs. IFRS

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Dr. Floran Syler-Woods, CPA,is leading a Virtual Exchange Project with accounting students and faculty from GSU Perimeter and University of Cape Town South Africa. Students participate in virtual lectures where they learn about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) vs. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Students then have to obtain the financial statements of U.S. and international companies to compare and contrast the two sets of accounting standards, even forming competitive teams comprised of students from both universities.

Business Case Research and Writing

Clinical Professor of International Business, Dr. Mourad Dakhli, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the Mediterranean School of Business. This course offers students the opportunity to work in cross-border virtual teams to complete a ‘Consultancy’ project. The project entails proposing, researching and drafting a business case dealing with a real business phenomenon or challenge that is interesting and one that requires insight and thoughtful recommendations. The case describes a firm-specific issue (international business, managerial, marketing, technology, human resources, and/or related areas). Students may also focus on a selected industry or on an institution (private/public, profit/ nonprofit). The key is that topics have international business implications. While the case focuses on the key issues faced, students also include a set of grounded recommendations to address the issues. Students also describe the global, regional, country, and industry, and competitive context as appropriate.

Cultivating Global Competency for Counselors-in-Training

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychological Services, Dr. Han Na Suh, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Yang Eunjoo, Professor in the Counseling Psychology program at Korea University. Students utilize Flip Grid to engage in in-depth discussions and have the opportunity to learn and discuss various multicultural issues from a cross-cultural perspective. Additionally, students are offered a safe space for self-reflection to increase awareness regarding the issues that arise when providing counseling to clients with diverse backgrounds.

Cultural Influences on Identity and Educational Experiences in the U.S. and China

Associate Professor of World Languages Education, Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Christopher Brighton, Assistant Professor in Educational Management at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) in Suzhou, China. GSU students have reciprocal learning opportunities with Chinese students to explore cultural influences on their identity formation and educational experiences using Flipgrid, Zoom, and WeChat. Small mixed groups of students create culminating projects to compare similarities and differences of experiences and worldviews within and across cultures.

Enhancing Global Learning in Large Introductory Biology Classes

Senior Lecturer of Biology, Dr. Hongmei Zhang, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Jian Wu, Professor at Southwest Jiaotong University. Students utilize Zoom and VoiceThread to construct concept maps based upon course content to facilitate intercultural collaboration and communication in the field of Biology.

Enhancing Student’s intercultural Competence and Promoting International Collaboration via Virtual Exchange Project

Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology, Dr. Eric Wright, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Professor of Sociology, Dr. Day K. M. Wong, at Hong Kong Baptist University. Students utilize technology to foster a comparative dialogue on the US and China as well as cultivate a broader global understanding of core sociological topics through a variety of activities.

Impact of Current Efforts to Solve Global Grand Challenges for Engineering

Assistant Department Chair and Assistant Professor Dr. Sahithya Reddivari, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange project with Batangas State University (Batangas, Philippines) to explore the four themes related to NAE’s vision for engineering in the 21st century. In 2008 the National Academy of Engineers gathered an international group of leading technological thinkers to identify the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century. This group identified 14 game-changing goals for improving life on the planet that fall into four cross-cutting themes: SUSTAINABILITY, HEALTH, SECURITY, and JOY OF LIVING. Students select the one that interests the team most to explore further in this project. Student teams then find two specific examples of current work being done to help address challenges related to the theme of interest, learn more about the details about the solution, analyze the potential societal impact of the technologies when they are implemented, and present their findings to the class.

Implementation of Precalculus Projects Involving Concepts Across the Globe Through Virtual Exchange

Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar, a Senior Academic Professional of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Oduduwa University of Nigeria. Students utilize WebEx Teams space as well as Discord or Slack to discuss mathematical applications in contemporary world topics, such as the Suez Canal or the Corona Virus pandemic. Students from different parts of the globe collaborate, explore, and connect concepts with current world events to observe the relevance of learning skills and tools for introductory mathematics programs. Students also explore how their respective cultural and political background might impact implementing theoretical ideas.

International Peacebuilding

Professor of Political Science Dr. Carrie Manning and Senior Lecturer of Political Science, Dr. Laura Hastings, are partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the Institute d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po’) at the University of Strasbourg. Students engage in close and critical examination of liberal peacebuilding, the dominant approach to internationally-led conflict resolution in the post-Cold War era. Students also work as part of an international team to examine key elements of peacebuilding and to examine a single case in depth. Microsoft Teams is the primary platform used to facilitate this project.

Learning About Different Cultures and Education Through Virtual Exchange Communities

Associate Professor of Social Studies and Multicultural Education, Dr. Yali Zhao, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Yanling Zhou, Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the Education University of Hong Kong, China. Students are developing global and cross-cultural understanding of different cultures and education systems to better serve their culturally diverse students. Over 100 Students in seven groups have reciprocal learning opportunities to meet virtually and share diverse culture and best teaching experiences at the time of the global Pandemic. Computer-mediated technology and web-based technologies, mainly Flipgrid, is used for sharing video presentations and discussions.

Managing and Preventing Pandemics with Data Analytics

Clinical Associate Professor of Management, Dr. Frank Lee, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Sunny Jeong, Associate Professor of Science and Technology at Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC). In this VE project, students use technology to discuss and propose how to manage and prevent pandemics with data analytics.

Multiethnic American Identity

Associate Professor of English, Dr. Michelle Kassorla, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Head of the English Department of Al-Qasemi College of Education in Baqa al-Gharbiyye in the Haifa District in Israel, Dr. Wisam Chaleila. Students utilize Canvas in addition to Google Drive, YouTube, and Zotero to explore American identity through contemporary Multiethnic American Literature. As a final project, teams of students from Israel and America are working on a definition of what an American is: Who is an American? What does an American look like? What is the culture of America? What are American Ideals? Those definitions are based upon our class readings and discussions. Through exploring these questions, students are provided a variety of perspectives on American Identity.

The Global Forum / Good Business

Senior Lecturer of International Business and Co-Director of the Minor in International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Conestoga College School of Business in Canada and Munich Business School in Germany. Undergraduate students in the field of international business engage in a cross-border large-scale online discussion forum to address topics that focus on the cultural differences and similarities in a business context. This virtual exchange initiative uses an AI-powered online discussion platform to foster cross-border students’ engagement.

Senior Lecturer of International Business and Co-Director of the Minor in International Business, Dr. Evaristo Fernando Doria, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto in Canada. A cross-border (Canada and U.S), cross-functional (engineering students and international business students), large-scale ( more than 100 students ) learning experience. The participating students work in teams to create global business projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Understanding the Global Impact of COVID-19 on children and families

Clinical Assistant Professor of School Counseling, Dr. Natalie Grubbs, is partnering with Dr. Huachun Xu in the School of Psychology at Sichuan Normal University (SNU). Through this virtual exchange, students experience the power of collaboration and problem-solving from a global perspective and use Flipgrid to participate in a cross-cultural virtual exchange to discuss the global impact of COVID-19 on individuals across the lifespan.

Virtual Live Case Learning Experience

Clinical Associate Professor of International Business, Dr. Salomao De Farias, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange Project with Dr. Francisco Coelho, Marketing Manager Course Leader at IPAM, O Porto, Portugal. This partnership establishes the experiential learning activity for BUSA4000 Global Business course by means of virtual teams of GSU and IPAM. Students work on an international business consulting project (a virtual live case) for a Portuguese apparel companysearching for business opportunities in countries in Europe and in the U.S. The digital platform, Google pages and WebEx are used to elaborate team reports and facilitate the co-creation between GSU and IPAM students.

Women and Progress: A Comparative Study of the United States and India

Professor of History and Associate Chair, Business and Cultural & Behavioral Science, Newton Campus, Dr. Salli Vargis, is partnering on a Virtual Exchange with Dr. Dolly Thomas, Chair, Department of History, Stella Maris College (SMC), Chennai, India. Students from SMC join Perimeter College students through WebEx to examine topics related to women in the United States and India. They are provided rubrics for writing a history project report in a variety of different formats such as a newspaper editorial, a skit, or a regular research paper comparing women in the U. S. and India.


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